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If your child has received a diagnosis, there are services available to help. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a one-on-one therapy that focuses on applying evidenced-based procedures to change socially significant behaviors. Extensive published research has proven that ABA therapy is the most effective treatment for children with Autism. ABA therapy is customized to each individual’s needs and is used to teach various skills. Each goal is broken down into smaller steps and these small steps are taught until mastery. ABA is child-led and uses their motivation and positive reinforcement to help each client reach their highest potential.


The most essential aspect of ABA is that every therapy session is based on observable data. Each client will be assessed and goals will be created based on assessment results. Throughout each session data will be collected to monitor progress, and treatment decisions will be based on the data results. 

Even after 4 years of intensive ABA services, 48% of participants showed rapid learning, achieved average post-treatment scores, and were succeeding in regular education classrooms.

Sallows & Graupner,  2005

Research has shown that almost all areas of learning and independent skills are impacted in a positive way for older children with autism who participate in ABA

Granpeesheh et al., 2009

50% of children with autism that received ABA therapy before the age of 4 show an increase in IQ, verbal ability and social functioning.

Ryan et al., 2014

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